Analysis Of Aldo Leopold 's ' Thinking Like A Mountain ' Essay

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Aldo Leopold a Forestry Professor from The University of Wisconsin, who also at a young age worked as a forester for the US Forest Service, wrote some interesting articles on his views and experiences he had in the field of forestry. Two articles which I have had the pleasure of reading are “The Land Ethic” and “Thinking like a mountain”. In his article “the Land Ethic” he introduces a number of alternative ways to be more conscious about the way we use the land and less abusive to the land, ideas that we are just now starting to explore like hydroponics and species conservation. Aldo Leopold’s article “Thinking like a mountain” is an article written about a particular experience he had as young forester working for the US Forest Service, this article gives us incite on the devastating effects of removing wolves from an ecosystem.
Aldo Leopold was probably one the first visionaries in the area ecological conservation. Through his examples of removing things from the ecosystem can have a devastating change. Throughout time humans have seen what their impact can have on nature some good and some bad. In Americas early 1900’s man was all about manipulating the land to best suit the economy. So how is America different today? Humans are taking steps forward to be more conservative about the land and nature. Through taking steps to prevent pollution, treating every living thing in nature as a crucial part of the eco system and using techniques to still use the land for…

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