Essay about Analysis Of ' A Life Beyond ' Do What You Love '

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Most people become discouraged when they find themselves following a path that is not what they have dreamed of. Others choose paths that revolve completely around their own self-fulfillment. Gordon Marino, the author of “A Life Beyond ‘Do What you Love,’” a college professor at St. Olaf College in Minnesota, finds that many people follow a path that is not what they have dreamed of, but they choose a path that is meaningful. Dr. Marino is Ivy League educated, earning his BA degree from Columbia University, his MA degree from the University of Pennsylvania and his PhD. in philosophy from the University of Chicago. Dr. Marino is a seasoned author and has his writing, “A Life Beyond ‘Do What You Love,’” published in the New York Times Magazine. Dr. Marino uses rhetorical devices such as anecdotes, distinctio, hypophora and rhetorical questions to help his overall effectiveness. On the other hand, Dr. Marino’s use of irony is the least effective device.
The use of anecdotes is effective in the article because they capture the reader 's attention and also connect with the readers. An anecdote is a short story that an author uses to connect with the audience by being able to share a similar experience. For example, Dr. Marino states in his article, “My father did not do what he loved…” (Page 2, Para 2) Anecdotes are extremely useful because the audience will be able to find the author more credible by the examples in the stories. It is good for an author to use an anecdote…

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