Analysis Of ' A Cry For Help ' Essay

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A Cry for Help
Monika Lewinsky is the face of bullying, someone who had an affair with her boss, The United States President at the time, is voicing out for change. I agree with Ms. Lewinsky when she stated in her TED talk, “The Price of Shame” “public shaming as a blood sport has to stop.” Ms. Lewinsky is only one person and cannot make the difference, everyone in this world has to change in order for our world to change. In the beginning of her speech, she made it clear by saying “I lost my reputation and my dignity. I lost almost everything and I almost lost my life.” She goes on to explain a story about a young 18-year-old like myself and my classmates, who was so humiliated he felt he had no other choice but to jump over the George Washington Bridge to his death. Due to cyber hacks, many people, celebrities, and innocent bystanders were victims of cyber bullying. Something we need to ask ourselves is, what can we do to make a change? As a result, adults, teenagers, and even children, felt they had no other choice than to end their own lives.
Ms. Lewinsky spoke passionately and influentially about the changes that must be done in our society. She goes on to express her situation with broken words and describes her family’s struggles as well as hers. Even 17 years after her affair, she jokes about how she has been in about 40 raps songs. One that I personally am aware of is called “Monika Lewinsky” by rapper G-Eazy. He raps in one verse about his acquaintances asking…

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