Essay on Analysis And Optimization Of Heat Transfer Rate

1627 Words Mar 11th, 2016 7 Pages
Analysis and optimisation of heat transfer rate in rectangular fins with through holes

Chinmay P Patil (Author)
B.E Student, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, LTCoE, Koparkhairane.

Abstract—The most important factor in any heatsink is to dissipate heat as quickly as possible. This is due to the fact that these heatsinks are used usually on electronic circuits which can’t not withstand extreme temperatures and can endure damages. Thus to prevent such a damage design of proper heat sink is necessary and can prove fruitful. Electronic devices like CPUs are susceptible to permanent damage if their working temperature exceed desired limit. Thus in order to prevent such a damage it is necessary to design a heat sink with proper geometry of fins which are used. This paper entails comparison between fins of rectangular shape which are most commonly used CPU heatsink shape. A comparative study between interrupted rectangular fins having through holes and uninterrupted fins as well as uninterrupted fins without through holes is carried out using CFD simulations. The material considered is structural steel. Rectangular fins are considered as they offer more surface area as compared to other shapes. The method of heat transfer to the surrounding is kept to be occurring due to natural convection. The optimum designed of heatsink obtained in this study promises to obtain maximum heat transfer rate as well as keep the temperature of electronic circuits on which these heatsinks…

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