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Heat Pump | Air Conditioning Dallas, TX
If you’re considering installing new heating and air conditioning in Dallas, TX, energy efficiency and the system lifespan are essential factors to consider. Ensuring your home receives the right system, and the right size for your Dallas home is the first step in enjoying a comfortable home throughout the year. A heat pump provides an energy efficient option you may consider. Replacing your ten year old heating and air conditioning in Dallas, TX, can save you up to 30 percent on the cost of energy, due to technological advances.
Furthermore, a critical factor in receiving the proper performance, energy efficiency and long-term life expectancy of the system relies heavily on proper installation by an
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Our NATE certified professionals are committed to providing you with superior quality installation, repairs, and maintenance, backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
The Benefits
Heat pumps offer a number of advantages over other systems including:
A heat pump provides both heating and cooling with only one system to install, and maintain.
Systems that rely on fossil fuels contribute carbon to the atmosphere, while electric heat pumps operate cleanly without any harmful exhaust going into the environment.
Older heat pumps rely on auxiliary heat when the temperature dips below approximately 37 degrees F. Today’s heat pump uses newer refrigerants that work to zero degrees due to new refrigerants, maintaining a warm home and improved energy efficiency even in extreme cold.
Modern Heat Pump Efficiency
Today’s air-source heat pumps provide greater efficiency and performance than earlier models. Advances in technology, and improvements in existing technology are behind these improvements and
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Providing routine maintenance ensures the new heat pump will continue to do so.
Once considered a system only for the regions of the southern U.S. experiencing mild winter weather, the new refrigerant in modern heat pumps continues to perform in colder temperatures than ever before, without sacrificing efficiency.
Heat pumps are available for almost any home’s needs. The conventional air source heat pump remains a common choice for homeowners wanting comfort and efficiency. The geothermal heat pump offers superior performance and efficiency in all environments. Mini-split heat pumps provide an alternative for homes lacking ducts, and new additions. In addition, homeowners who want to save on energy costs by heating and cooling only the rooms they use, with the option available to provide conditioned air for others when needed, are turning to mini-splits to save energy and maintain comfort.
The heat pump is an energy efficient choice for your home by providing up to four times the amount of energy consumed to generate it. Selecting an Energy Star approved heat pump ensures you receive the highest reliability, and energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR heat pumps consume as much as 30% less energy than a standard

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