Essay about An Orthodox Community : A Distinct Personality Of Her Own

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Raised in an orthodox community where an antiqued belief system clouded the minds of its residents, Sula totally disregards societal expectations by freely expressing herself in all aspects, including her words and her sexuality. Her fearless nature and genuine complacency with life and her own characteristics distinguished her from other members of her community. Despite the fact that those in her community see her as “evil”, she ironically causes more good in the community than others seem to think. Her dynamic character influences the community in ways that the community as a whole fail to even realize. Her treatment of life with a grain of salt allowed for her free self-expression and strong sense of character. Even as a child, Sula possessed traits that differentiated her from the rest. Her unconventional upbringing in a household with women who were not afraid to express their own femininity caused Sula to adopt some of these traits to develop a distinct personality of her own. Sula was taught by her mother and her grandmother to not depend on anyone other than herself, and that independent and individuality would be important in the world that they were living in. Morrison tells us that “Eva’s arrogance and Hannah’s self indulgence merged within [Sula]”, two traits that made up a large amount of her character and influenced the majority of the decisions that she made. Sula did nothing for anyone else unless there was some way in which she could benefit. She also…

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