An Onerous Drastic Act Of Rebellion By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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An Insanely Drastic Act of Rebellion
Revolutions have historically shaped the world that modern civilization currently reside in. However, in order to start a revolution, people need a strong cause to fight. Society can call this act insane at the moment, but heroic later on. In The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, its young narrator Jane felt the confines of a patriarchal society, as she descended into moments of madness in her growing obsession with a wallpaper. Her husband, a physician, aided in trying to make her better by prescribing a rest cure, to which she had no voice in. In the same way, Gilman lived through a time where society had nothing to offer a woman, except a career in home-making and full obedience under their patriarch. Not leaving her life to the control of others, Gilman advocated for women’s rights. This struggle reflected in how Jane uses the act of insanity to rebel against her husband, a man that represents the society that sought to domesticate her and the medical world that prescribed the stiflingly ineffective rest cure. In that Victorian time era of 1892, when Gilman wrote the story, society and its leaders were dominated with patriarchal values. Women were often left out of the great things in life, such as a career and the ability to create or discover things. Instead, they were kept at home to tend to their familial responsibilities: taking care of the children and preparing food for the husband. They were expected “to…

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