An Object Of The Object Essay

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Writing an object biography means looking at the object 's history, from the moment it was made to the moment it disappeared, or to the present if the object still exists. Object biographies are passive narratives, because objects are inherently inanimate. An object biography will consequently not look at what the object 'accomplished ' during its lifetime, but rather, how the surroundings of the object transformed it through time. A biography can thus concentrate on several themes, or several changes, that the object went through. These changes can be physical, such as the modification of the appearance of the object, or changes of location. They can also pertain to the 'social life ' of the object. One must understand by 'social life ' of the object, its different functions and meanings throughout history, and ultimately the role that the object fulfills in society. Object biographies also highlight the relationships between the object, space, and different members of society, whether these be the maker(s) of the object, or the owner(s), or just external spectators.1 As a result, an object biography and the biography of another object, person or even entire people and civilisations will always overlap. But most importantly, biographies are not fixed. Object biographies go through a never-ending process and change as the relationship between the object and the external world changes.2 The objectives of writing an object biography are multiple. Biographies help us assess…

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