Essay on An Informative Documentary On Food Inc.

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For decades, humans has advance in many aspects of nature as a result of fear or guilt. In both "Food Inc." and "Consider the Lobster," we are presented the advancement humans has gone when dealing with the food industry. "Food Inc." the fear of workers of losing their farms has advanced them in working in conditions that is not beneficial for the animals as they go through the painful process of processing the animals as food; in "Consider the Lobster," chefs and your ordinary cook develop a sense of guilt as they go through the process of cooking a lobster. Both topics intertwine when dealing with workers and chefs and how their convictions blur the line between mortality and ethics. What evolution does a human go through that allows them to feel justify in the actions of consuming and prepping animals? “Food Inc.” an informative documentary, created by Robert Kenner, which attempts to expose the monopolization of the food industry, showcase the constant advancing humans acquire when dealing with animals for consumption. Throughout the documentary, we are reminded that the general public isn’t informed about what happens behind the shadows; nevertheless they indirectly support the production behind the shadows. Every action of major companies is hidden, so without the media attention humans have ignored the ethical reasoning about the food preparation, and constantly and unknowingly contributed to the food preparation. Without the general public questioning the ethics…

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