An Individual 's Body That May Affect Them From Form Of Criminality

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Chapter four focuses in on there are different ways to explain an individual 's body that could affect them to partake in some form of criminality. It also brought in the fact of the IQ test. The book says, “Ranking from the best to the lowest intelligence, the first group were the morons, the second-lowest group were the imbeciles, and the lowest-intelligence group were the idiots”(Tibbetts). Looking at this rank, I noticed how the words meant something a little differently. When I hear or look at these words, I assume that its trying to make it seem as if you have no intelligence at all or its not up to par. Another statement from the text states, “Thus, the moron is the one group out of the three categories of feebleminded that is smart enough to slip through the crack” (Tibbetts). I believe this means that the moron group will come up with a plan to get them through a sticky situation, if it happens to deal with a crime. Lombroso had came up with a theory for born criminals. In my opinion, I believe that Lombroso 's theory was better to understand than Sheldon 's theory. According to the book, it states, “Lombroso claimed that born criminals cannot be stopped from their natural tendencies to be antisocial. On the other hand, he claimed that, although it was their nature to commit crime, born criminals could be stopped, or at least partially deterred by society” (Tibbetts). I find this to be true because of the simple fact that born criminals can make a change towards…

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