An Indian Father : Plea By Robert Lake Essays

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Looks, race, style, possessions; these are all what we first notice about people. And who do we first compare them to? We compare them to ourselves or other figures in our societies. Why do we perceive people and events around us differently? The answer is simply because we live in a culturally diverse world where people can be culturally diverse. Culture and how one perceives the world is strongly intertwined because: culture teaches you the values that you use to judge people, includes experiences of our past that reflect in our future actions, and determines what we experience due to our locations. From a young age we were always taught what was right and wrong, who was good or bad, and what was considered appropriate behavior. In the essay “An Indian Father: Plea” by Robert Lake, or Medicine Grizzly, a father writes a letter of concern to his son’s teacher concerning how the school views his son Wind-Wolf. It also includes how various reactions have changed Wind-Wolf. As an indian child going to a predominantly white school, the father attempts to reason that, “‘He is not culturally “disadvantaged,” but he is culturally “different.”’ (Lake 77). Wind-Wolf received an education that fits his culture, including tribal ceremonies, learning various tribal languages, and how to co-exist with nature. These practices are not taught in a traditional western school because it isn’t a part of the norms or standards they follow. Eventually these differences because…

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