`` An For The Power Of Language `` By Sandra Cisneros Essay

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The article "An Offering to the Power of Language," was published in the Los Angeles Times in 1997, was written by Sandra Cisneros, a novelist, poet, and the author of "The House on Mango Street" and "Loose Woman." This article shows that the language is a special way for people to express themselves and it becomes another way of seeing which is more effective. The author stated this by experiencing the death of her father, and she strongly argued about the power of the language. Despite the superficial meaning that words include, the author argues about the translations obliterate senses, feelings, or even a memory.
First of all, sometimes a word has different meanings that remind the memory of the author 's father. The article starts from the message that was sent by the author 's friend. The content of the message reminds the author of her father. The first word "Mi 'ja" that the author 's father always said leads the author to think about a word can be meaningful. This word can not only remind the author of the sadness but also how the love that her father gave her. "‘Mi 'ja ' (MEE-ha) from ‘mi hija ' (me EE-ha). The words translate as ‘my daughter. '" (Cisneros, 1997, p. 1) And "[p]erhaps a more accurate translation of ‘mi 'ja ' is, I love you." (Cisneros, 1997, p. 1.) From here, the author used her language to show that "Mi 'ja" can be translated to my daughter and I love you. Cisneros stated her mother, and she studied Spanish through her father who died, so she…

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