Essay on An Examination Of The Post Apartheid African Dog Man

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Probing Petrus:
An examination of the post-apartheid African dog-man
What kind of person would allow outsiders to intrude upon a part of their shared land and put their own neighbor’s life in danger? Would any real man conspire against a person that was once a stranger, but eventually became his co-worker or moreover his employer, to attain success towards his own personal goals? The character of Petrus in J.M. Coetzee’s Disgrace represents a symbol of payback emerging from the oppression of the Eastern Cape / country side residents. Petrus’ attitude and demeanor towards the unfortunate events, crimes and tragedies around him heavily display how many Africans in his same region felt toward whites in post-apartheid South Africa. Petrus’ actions may merely be a means of survival after his rough foundation as a beginner farmer during both the apartheid and post- apartheid movement in Africa. I chose to analyze this particular character’s personality because I believe that unspoken answers are the strongest. When he is questioned about his whereabouts during the attack back on the land that he and Lucy share Petrus is reluctant to shed any light on his feelings towards the actual events. A deeper look into the way he responds / does not respond to both the questions asked by David and what he has heard of the disastrous occasions may uncover hidden themes within this novel.
Although what or how Petrus and Lucy felt about one another was never actually mentioned there is a…

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