An Examination Of The Himba Essay

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This anthropological research assignment will provide an examination of the Himba, an indigenous entity of 12,000 to 18,000 people geographically located in Namibia. The Himba tribe are semi-nomadic pastoralist who sustain themselves from the product of their cattle. As previously established in the analytical paper, the Himba people have been relatively successful in maintaining their traditional lifestyle for the last 300 years. However, since the rise of South West Africa People’s Organization (SWAPO) to power in the Namibian government, the Himba began facing social, cultural, and political change. SWAPO perceives the Himba to be “primitive” people that needs to adapt to the capitalist, globalize economy (Champion & Shields, 2002). The practice of globalization is influencing the different cultures around the world. Globalization has a negative impact in the Himba’s traditional way of life: the notion of conservancy is taking away their grazing rights, the government is passing new policies to assimilate the Himba to the capitalist, globalized economy, the social cultural changes are creating tensions within different generation of the tribe, and tourism is leading to social marginalization.
This paper seeks to discuss the current and future challenges the Himba people face. It will provide a background for the relations between SWAPO and the Himba tribe, and the different aspect of globalization that’s shaping future of the tribe. Lastly, it’ll propose a path that…

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