An Empirical Proposition Essay

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An empirical proposition is one which has been researched on. Empiricism is a theory that asserts that knowledge comes from sensory experience. It’s a philosophy of science which emphasizes on the importance of evidence. (McMahon, 2012) This evidences only comes about if experiments are carried out. We say that the Earth revolves around the sun is empirical because scientific research has been carried to prove this notion. Scientists and astronauts travel into space or send their controlled satellites into space to carry out their research.
An early Greek astronomer named Aristarchus of Samos was the first to claim that the earth revolves around the sun. He used the heliocentric model in which the sun and stars were fixed objects, while the earth moved around the sun in a circle. This circle is known as an orbit. Though his work did not survive the ancient times, decades later in 1547 mathematician and astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus revived Aristarchus work by coming up with a new model. I believe the preposition the earth revolves the earth, is not rationalist. This is because rationalism is the philosophy that regards reason as the test of knowledge.
Rationalists believe that we come to knowledge through the use of logical judgment and which is independent of sensory experience. They deduce knowledge and logic are predispositions in the psych of a human being. Therefore, sensory experimentation and knowledge acquired via experience was not considered as a truth. Linking…

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