Essay An Elitist And Meaningless Universe

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Adrift in an uncaring and meaningless universe, mankind only true solace is the radical freedom such an absurd existence provides. It is a shame that mankind chooses to use this freedom to construct silly epistemological arguments about morality as it relates to an outdated form of transportation, but human freedom has no limits but those we set upon ourselves. In that sense, the argument that the spelunkers on trial “had” to cannibalize one of their own in order to use their flesh to survive has nary a leg to stand on. Whatever conjunctions you may have about “justification or excuse” or the fact that the victim in this case was the one who devised the grisly plot that ended in his own death and consumption wither and die against the sheer callousness of a fellow innocent as simply a means to an end. In the face of an almost certain demise, an assailant’s life may be taken in order to protect one’s own being, but when human mortality itself takes you into it’s inescapable grip, to cast another into your place by force is a moral offense of the highest degree.

With a crime as heinous as the cannibalization of a close friend and confidant, the spelunkers and their legal team only have one real argument towards acquittal, the old utilitarian zinger of, “If we didn’t kill Roger, we would have all died, including him!” While at first glance this seems to make some degree of sense, it completely falls apart in the details. For starters, none of the spelunkers actually knew for…

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