An Anti Christian Novel By Jane Eyre Essay

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Jane Eyre is a novel whose main theme could be debated as being religion. The statement that the novel is an “anti-Christian novel” has a good basis as there are clearly anti-Christian sentiments expressed at various points in the novel primarily through the characters like Jane and Helen, Brocklehurst, and Mrs Temple.
Jane herself, the protagonist within the novel, is the character that seems to hold the most anti-Christian philosophy and resentment for those who are followers of the religion. Bronte uses the writing method of an autobiography in order to create Jane and allow her to express these sentiments.
She goes against the majority of religious views during the time the novel was written therefore this caused a large amount of controversy, the main controversial view being her lack of faith; Jane has great doubt in those who are believers of religion as shown during the death of Helen, who is the antithesis of Jane. She questions Helen’s faith in God and asks her “Where Is God?” and “What is God?”. Bronte’s usage of a child to ask these questions allows her to avoid any social barriers as these questions could be seen as inappropriate if they were asked by an adult as it would be ruining the solace of a dying person. Nevertheless, these questions asked by Jane show that although Helen was possibly the largest believer of God within the novel, religion could do nothing to help her avoid her mortal death and Jane, who is one of few in the novel who questions the…

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