An Analysis Of Sylvia Plath's Mad Girls Love Song

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Milestone Two
The two poems being used for this assignment are Sylvia Plath’s “mad girls love song” and Nikki Giovanni’s “balance.” Mad girls love song is about a girl that feels like the man she fell in love with isn’t real, but just something she created in her own head because he suddenly disappeared and never returned. Balance is about the balance of black and white, truth and lies, love and loneliness. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the linguistic principles demonstrated in each of these pieces.
The meaning of the poem a mad girl’s love song is that she met a man who charmed his way into her heart, made her crazy, disappeared never to return and she wishes she never fell in love with him. She believes him to be a figment of her imagination because he is nowhere to be found. The first two lines in the third stanza reads “I dreamed that you bewitched me into bed and sung me moonstruck, kissed me quite insane.” (Plath, Sylvia) Bewitched means to charm or enchant. (Bewitch) Moonstruck means to be unable to think straight or act foolishly because you are in love. (Moonstruck) That was her telling us that she fell in love with him. The first two lines in the fourth stanza reads “God topples from the sky, hell’s fire fade:
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There is no use of any anomalies in the poem. There are no slips of the tongue, or “slips of the pen” in this poem. Although it is a poem she still uses punctuation. I believe that she uses standard language in the text of her poem. I believe that the poem balance is not grammatically correct as well. There is a use of anomalies in this poem. There are no slips of the tongue in this poem either, but there is no use of punctuation at all. Considering that this is a poem, the lack of punctuation is fine because not everyone punctuates their poems. Still, the lack of punctuation makes it incorrect. So that means that she uses nonstandard language in the text of her

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