An Analysis Of Sherman Alexie 's ' Capital Punishment ' Essay example

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A Critical Analysis of “Capital Punishment” by Sherman Alexie

In the story “Capital Punishment”, Sherman Alexie wrote in third person and used different techniques to help the reader get a better visual of the events. The author aim was to show his view towards “Capital Punishment”. This story is told from the perspective of a cook who prepares the last meal for a man on death row. The author in this poem is very sympathetic with the man on death row because he think that he is there because of his skin color. Throughout this paper we will see how the author dealt with the fact that he is a witness to these such things and how he managed to deal with them.
In the poem the author uses a line saying “I am not a witness”. I think that he means that he do not want to be witness of “Capital Punishment” because he will have to watch these people suffer and some might die for crimes that they did not commit. Later on Alexie uses the line saying “I am a witness”. He means that he will have to be a witness because people are dying for crimes and he do not think that other people should say whether they should die or not because a sin is a sin. No sin is treated differently.
In the story, I liked the way Sherman Alexie did everything that he could to make sure the Indian guy meal was perfect and he also made him a sandwich just for in case the execution did not go well the first time around. This poem showed me that he really cared about him and he do not agree with Capital…

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