An Analysis Of Lorraine Hansberry 's A Raisin And The Sun Essay

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A feminist perspective is describing the role and equality the men and women have in a story, play or movie. In the “A Raisin in the Sun” by Lorraine Hansberry the roles are quite reversed. In the Younger family racial tensions between the blacks and whites makes up a big part of their life. Lena Younger, a single mother (and grandmother) of Beneatha and son Walter along with Walter 's wife Ruth and son Travis all live in a run-down two bedroom apartment. A chance at a new beginning lies ahead of them. A life insurance check for $10,000 dollars was given to Lena Younger for the lose of her husband. Lena decides to go and purchase a house in a white neighborhood. All the people within the house have a thought on what to do with the money. Beneatha wants tuition money, Walter wants money to open a liquor store, and Ruth just wants her family to be happy. The women in the “A Raisin in the Sun” are portrayed as strong and independent. This is the time where women were supposed to stand behind a man and not stand up for themselves. But in this play it just so happens to be the other way around. All the women have jobs and work hard to provide for the family. Lena Younger is a strong mom who runs the house and makes all the decisions. Even though her son Walter is living in the house, Lena stills makes all the rules. Mama nurtures this plant that actually represents her life. Even though this plant does not get much light and or water, it still continues to grow. This plant…

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