An Analysis Of Katherine Mansfield 's ' The Garden Party ' Essay

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Discrimination in Societies
The short story “The Garden-Party” written by Katherine Mansfield is based on the writer’s childhood memories from his home town in New Zealand. Character’s name used in the story illustrates a distinction between upper class and lower class society. This story is based on upper class teen girl Laura, who has a different prospective than her siblings and mother. Laura Sheridan daughter of Mrs. Sheridan is the protagonist of the story. Although Laura belongs to a middle class family, she was entitled to all the amenities, good life style and family regale, but she always wanted to reveal how sober minded she can be. Mansfield magnificently describes in Laura’s immature character that society discrimination is not something what humans are born with, it is something what humans pass it on to generations. Decimation taught and learned from surroundings, from families, friends and others tend to change the ones personality and way of thinking for others.
Mansfield illustrates Mrs. Meridian’s self-indulgence mindset about lower class society in her town. Presence of shabby houses, located next to Mrs. Meridian property makes her feels aggravated. However, her daughter Laura is kind hearted, sensible and emotionally affected with others around her in spite of her higher class, absurd to her mother, who is famous for her squandering. Mansfield illustrates how Laura’s charming behavior tends her to get attracted toward the tall blue eyed marquee worker,…

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