An Analysis Of Kate Chopin 's ' The Yellow Wallpaper '

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Diversified authors will use diversified strategies to catch the attention of the reader. Kate Chopin and Charlotte Perkins Gilman are women that were ahead of their time; they both wrote stories that were socially unacceptable but now they are considered the greatest stories. In Kates Chopin’s short story “The story of an hour” the advocate Mrs. Mallard, she suddenly died of a heart attack after she hears of her husband’s death. Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote the short story of “the yellow wallpaper” with a sacrilegious plot at the time: A women, Jane confined to her bed because of nervous depression, she begins to observe a women underneath the wallpaper of their rented mansion. By the end of the story, Jane believes that she is the women under the wallpaper. In both of the stories, with the diseases and doubted of both women surrounded serious mental and emotional problems. The women’s unstable conditions are obvious even from the beginning of the story. Jane the narrator and the advocate in “The Yellow Wallpaper,” she has been diagnosed by her husband and physician as having a temporary nervous depression” (Perkins Gilman 473). Her family has placed her in a rented mansion for a change in scenery to try and help her recover from her illness and she has been confined to her bed for most of her stay. Jane also talks about many tonics and phosphates or phosphates (473) that she is taken to help her recover. Kate Chopin tells…

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