An Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe 's ' The Raven, And The Tell Tale Heart '

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Edgar Allen Poe was known for his insight of the human mind when writing his various horror stories. Through research one can say that the internal horror of the characters mind would be vastly in creating suspense and overall fear more efficiently than that of the external horror of its location or the condition of the environment. H.P. Lovecraft mentions in his writing of Supernatural Horror In Literature- VII. EDGAR ALLAN POE, Poe was one of the first few to incorporate the human psyche into horror stories. It’s easily seen through two of Poe’s short stories as well. These are The Raven , and The Tell-Tale Heart.

To begin with, H.P. Lovecraft feels that Poe basically created a whole new way of creating horror stories due to not following the typical style of Gothic Fiction during his time. Poe went into the human mind and used it as a base for his stories. He technically creates an entirely new antagonist to the main character of his stories. In short, he sets the character up to fight against their insanity, instead of the typical werewolf and or ghouls. Poe was able to place fear of the average man in his readers. This fear was a great accomplishment considering that we humans are in such great supply. It is also shown through the same document that Poe had a set up that would make the main character interesting but also easy to manipulate depending on the story. These characters are usually isolated, dark, and slightly mad men. This is shown in The Tell-Tale…

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