An Analysis Of Alice Walker 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay

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In most households of not only the United States but from around the world, families face many conflicts. These conflicts can stem from any number of things, and often lead to more personal implications. Some family member may be upset with a choice of another, possibly by how they chose to care for their possessions or the people around them. Every single family has faced a conflict similar to this, has encountered an experience that causes issues that impact every member of the family. In fact, Alice Walker describes a family who faces similar issues, Maggie’s family. Maggie’s family consists of herself, her mother, and her old sister Dee, a small but dysfunctional family. In fact, Dee has essentially gone off the deep end in this story, inspiring many of the conflicts and only promoting her sister to continually be upset. The major conflict that takes place in this story is the argument over which sister will get the mothers antique blankets/quilts. The reason in which these two quilts cause so many issues among the family is because they were originally designated to go to Maggie, the younger, less recognized daughter. In fact, this conflict, and many of the underlying issues are what inspired Alice Walker to name this story ‘Everyday Uses’ such as the differing interpretations, the balance of power, and the evolving traditions and heritage of the family. ‘Everyday Uses’ can be interpreted in many different ways, similar to how the characters of the story displayed…

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