An African Man By The Name Anais Essay

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An African man by the name Anais once told me a story about a young boy by the name Nicholas whom, at the age of fifteen lived with his parents seventeen miles outside of Johannesburg, South Africa. In the depths of the country, they had no neighbors. One day, Nicholas’s father asked him to drive him to the city where he had an all-day conference. His father prompted him on getting all his chores done, getting the car service before he could enjoy the city and also to pick him up at 6:00pm where they would leave together. After transporting his father to work, he swiftly went back home to complete all his chores and headed straight to the movie theater. It was 6:00pm when he remembered that he was to pick up his father. By the time he picked up the car from the garage and went to where his father was waiting, it was 7:30pm. His father anxiously asked “Why are you late?” being ashamed of the truth, Nicholas lied stating that the car was not ready at the garage so he had to wait. Not realizing that his father had already called the garage earlier, his father had caught him in the lie. Nicholas’s father said “There is something wrong in the way I raised you that allowed you to lie to me. To understand where I went wrong, I will walk the seventeen miles home to think about it.” In his suit and dress shoes, Nicholas’ father walked for six and a half hours. Nicholas drove behind and watched his father in anguish and with a complete sense of guilt he questioned himself on why he…

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