My Classroom Environment

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1. Classroom environment:
Describe in detail the type of classroom you observed. (For example, the type and makeup of the classroom (inclusion/self-contained), what disabilities you observed, the size of the class, how many adults.) The content matter covered in class. How the students were evaluated. Do not pass judgment on the teacher, simply report what happened in the classroom.

When I observed Dr. Besvinickm’s class she gives the class time to settle from their previous extra curricular activity like gym and art. While the students are getting prepared for math the teacher prepares the smart board and math lesson. The students are expected to have their workbooks and homework prepared and with them because the class goes over their
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When the teacher was going over the math homework with the students I noticed that she writes out the problem and has the students finish what she write by giving her the answers. The students are able to lead the teacher in the question and explain what to do next. The teacher also draws out the problems on the board for students that do not understand the question. This reminds me of visual learning and how it is important that students can see the problem in more than one ways.

3. What I Learned:
Briefly state what you learned from your classroom experience. This entry should be different for each report.

When Dr. Besvinickm was teaching her class I learned that she is very acommidating to her students when they are stuck on a problem. She would make sure that the whole class understand the questions they go over before moving forward because it is important for her to know who needs help. To make sure that Dr. Besvinickm knows every student understand she ask them to clap twice if they understand. Also to help the students understand their mistakes on questions she asks them how did they make that mistake, so students can rethink their problem solving
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The students worked on a page in class and then shared their answers when they finished. The teacher went over the word problems with the class writing key words on the the board so students understand the word problems. When the teacher was going over their workbook the students raised their hands and were able to explain how they got their answer, step by step while the teacher writes id out on the smart board.

2. Classroom Connections:
Describe connections between what you observed in your field experience classroom with what you have learned in our classes. Identify any strategies used. How does the teacher provide for each student to be successful in the classroom?

A connection I noticed was making sure that the students were able to understand the class work they were doing. When the students are telling the teacher what to write step by step it makes them careful with they say their answer. When they are careful with how they explain it they can organize their thoughts better. This helps the students understand and remember their work. This also shows the teacher that they have good communication skills.

3. What I Learned:
Briefly state what you learned from your classroom experience. This entry should be different for

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