Essay about Amy 's Mother A Dream

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Amy 's mother a dream that one day Amy will visit China and understands her mother and family culture. Amy did not think she had Chinese blood in her, but her mother thought her a lesson, plus she lead her sister background.

When Amy Tan arrived to Hong Kong border and enters Shenzhen, China, she felt out of the ordinary. Tan, did not think she had Chinese blood because she was born in California. Amy’s mother said to her “Someday you will see” “it’s in your blood, waiting to be let go”. After her mother said those words to her, she realized the moments she saw her mother doing uncomfortable things like, pecking her mouth with toothpick in public, also was colored blinded thinking yellow and pale pink made great combinations for winter clothes. Amy thinks her mother was weird, plus Amy reflection of all those embarrassing gesture of her mother made her apprehend what it means to be Chinese.
At the age of thirty-six years old, Amy with her father Canning Woo, they went to visit his father’s aunt, in which he has not see her since he was at a very young age. When Amy was on the train with her father traveling to Guangzhou, she pick up the guide book and thought the cities spelling on the guide book were wrong. I guess she did not know cities names stay the same. Sometimes I think Amy was strange. Moreover, Amy and her father travels to Shanghai, over there, Amy will meet her two half-sisters for the first time. Amy’s mother was force to abandon the kids on a side street…

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