Essay on American Sign Language ( Asl )

1850 Words May 2nd, 2016 null Page
American Sign Language (ASL) is the way that people who are deaf can communicate with each other and the rest of the world. American Sign Language has evolved over time and is no longer only used by those who are deaf. It is commonly used for people who are hard of hearing, completely deaf, people with autism and Down syndrome and other disabilities. Many parents have begun to use sign language with their babies so that the child will be able to talk before they are able to actually talk using their voice. When your child, who is deaf, is taught to use sign language it is a no brainer because that will be how they communicate from the rest of their lives. The child will not have a way to communicate as he or she gets older besides using gestures and shaking their head to say yes and no, the way a child would communicate before they actually got their voice. Sign language lets them communicate more than just simple gestures to try to ask for something or to get their point across. Many people believe that teching their child to sign is that it helps reinforces vocabulary and some say it even broadens the babies social circle when they are older because they are not restricted to talk to those who can only hear (Developing language for life, 2007). Language and vocabulary development are very important in social development. (Developing language for life, 2007) If the baby has no way to tell you what he or she wants , he or she would get extremely frustrated and that can lead…

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