American Propaganda During World War II Essay

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History Day Introduction and Thesis
America treaded the path towards World War II with trepidation, until its people were convinced that action must be taken when the incident of Pearl Harbor occurred. From that point on, American citizens began mobilizing to aid their nation in hopes for victory against the Axis Powers. In order to keep up morale certain measures, such as the use of false advertising, were imposed. The influence of American propaganda during World War II led to an exploration of government authority through the use of censorship, exploitation of women, and incentive to contribute to the war effort.
Before the United States entered World War II, Americans had deemed isolationism to be the answer to European conflict. While Theodore Roosevelt desired to take action, he knew that the decision lied upon Americans, whom already made their choice of international affairs. Although he tried to persuade their minds into helping their allies, the Americans stood their ground. “…situation in Europe continued to grow worse… President… likened international aggression to a disease… nations must work to ‘quarantine’ … Americans… not prepared to risk their lives and livelihoods for peace abroad” (“American Isolationism in the 1930s”). After the aftermath of World War I, Americans were reluctant offer aid to foreign nations. American attitude involving anti-Semitism also contributed into their unwillingness to offer help. However, American minds quickly changed after the…

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