American Culture And Its Impact On The Human Culture Essay

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Money something all Americans must use to live, without it your chances of living are greatly lowered. This is the reason that many Americans seek out the best way for them to get money or at least do something they enjoy and still get money, but this is not limited to only Americans but anywhere that there is a major monetary. With something as widely used as money is only natural that it has influenced our culture such as what we watch, consume, wear, use and how we interact with other nation and people. With something that has not been around for very long, it has changed the human culture immensely. Humans have needed a way to gain a service or item from other humans and we started with bartering, trading service or an item others needed for what you needed. This system is not without flaws you could easily be tricked and not have gotten an equal trade, we needed a way to make sure we got an equal trade so that you can trade for other things you might need. The first to do this were the Chinese using metals and making them into the first coins, later the Greek and Romans making them with precious metals such as gold, silver and bronze. With this it leads to our current state were each dollar or coin is used to exchange and almost everyone uses a form of money, making safer to make deals. Though to make sure no one person would have too much or just to help the government we created taxes to regulate this. With this brief history on how we got our money system but how…

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