American Culture : A Cultural War Essay

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A Cultural War
“American culture is very dominant” (Source G). All around the world, different countries are constantly absorbing and feeding off the easily accessible American culture. The problem is that many of these countries are afraid American culture will diminish their own culture and traditions. This is understandable, mainly because infiltrating their culture is not the only negative impact American culture has on other countries. Apart from invading other cultures, America’s hypnotic trends and the glamours of Hollywood have also portrayed exceedingly negative stereotypes, which have the potential to influence extremism, and give the entire country a bad reputation and a negative self-image towards other nations. American pop culture is known around the world, but unfortunately, the country cannot be proud of its negative reputation.
American pop culture has become a looming threat towards the cultural identities and traditions of foreign countries. When people were interviewed for the article “Besieged by ‘Friends,’” many of them “resented the persuasive influence of Hollywood, claiming that such a “cultural pollution” is a threat to Muslim identity” (Source D). Iran has to be “a place of rigid censorship and strict social mores” just to keep their people away from the toxic American culture (Source G) and “One filmmaker in Beirut expressed regret at the way kids in Lebanon grow up with so many American influences” (Source D). People have become so engrossed in…

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