American Born Chinese And Stereotypes Essay

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American Born Chinese and stereotypes “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” I believe this quote by Margaret Mead is very accurate and is something that all parents, teachers and adults should think about. “A stereotype is used to categorize a group of people. People don 't understand that type of person, so they put them into classifications, thinking that everyone who is that needs to be like that, or anyone who acts like their classifications is one.” ( Stereotypes exist for every race, culture and social groups around the world. Some stereotypes can be hurtful to specific groups and some groups direct stereotypes towards other groups more often.
Being a Latina in America I can definitely relate to the characters in the book with stereotypes and trying to find one’s place in the community. Hearing a stereotype during class that a professor would make about Mexican heritage and feeling all eyes on me from other students is something that never happened to me before I came to college. Stereotypes do not define what the other culture does or says. Stereotypes will always exist but it depends on how one reacts on them that can make an impact. I did not react to this stereotype because I knew they were no true. I just brushed it off my shoulders and continued on with my day. But, it also hurts to know that others believe in the stereotype and judge other people. After reading this book I realized that I can relate to Jin. American Born…

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