Essay about America 's World War I

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These Europeans and Native Americans were the ones in the generation that had to go through World War 1. If the Economy was really indeed that bad, families must have been suffering desperately to find financial help for not only themselves and their families. If that was the case I actually feel very sorry for the children of these families. They were the ones that had to really go through the suffering, because all though the adults were stressed out financially with their jobs and what not, the kids had to suffer even more so at a very young age. That truly is terrible, and although I have grown up in a middle class family of four I feel sometimes like our family needed help financially as well. That does not even compare to the financial assistance of these families born in the lower 1900 generation. A lot of European nations began to feel better about things as mercantilism died down. All these nations felt blessed again to live in peace without the feeling of big nations coming in trying to expand on their land. I believe that this was a huge issue tough because now, these colonies would need some serious help from the big nations with a lot of power and they simply were not going to get it. I think the big nations began to feel like they needed to do something to expand again. I believe because of that, many of these big powers began to feel the need to expand their colonies. The thirty years crisis had to have left un knowingly amounts of more pressure put on to…

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