America 's War On Poverty Essay

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“If you 're in trouble, or hurt or need - go to the poor people. They 're the only ones that 'll help - the only ones” (Steinbeck, 1939). Poverty is most often described as a lack of the ‘socially acceptable’ amount of money or material goods. Over the years, as the economy has experienced its evolution and the common status of wealth in America has changed, the U.S. government has established something known as the ‘poverty threshold’ used to measure whether or not an individual is living within poverty. According to a study taken in 2012 by the U.S. Census Bureau, slightly more than 16% of Americans are living in poverty, including 20% of all American Children. The fact that nearly 1/6 of our population is living in poverty is astonishing, and in order to combat this, the government has instituted something known as the ‘War on Poverty’. This so-called war is essentially a series of programs, acts, and theories developed as an attempt to alleviate the excruciatingly high poverty numbers within modern America. These rising poverty numbers have spurred the development of a plethora of modern political thinkers, all with their own opinions about what America has been doing, and their own theories on how to improve these things. John Kenneth Galbraith is one of the most renowned thinkers in terms of economics, serving as professor of economics at Harvard University for many years as well as the speechwriter during the Democratic presidential campaigns of John F. Kennedy and…

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