America 's Multicultural Curriculum Transformation Essay

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Defining what American culture is today can be somewhat difficult in today’s society. American culture is always fluctuating. The United States has traditionally been referred to as a "melting pot," welcoming people from many different countries, and hoping to find a better means of life. However, others refer it to as a “Salad”; the ingredients are there, but not everything mixes well. America is full of rich culture, but not every person living in America understands cultures besides their own. Society as a whole has trouble acknowledging others culture because they can only reference from what they know from school and the racism, discrimination, and stereotypes they see and hear from others. Most schools don’t have courses nor a curriculum that provides the student with a multicultural education. We should encourage schools to adopt multicultural education into their curriculum. One way is by supporting the idea that multicultural education needs to reach at least Gorski 's Level 3 of Multicultural Curriculum Transformation. I will introduce the stages of Gorski 's Multicultural Curriculum Transformation, the solutions to the critiques of the multicultural curriculum transformation, and how privilege affects one 's understanding of multicultural education. By definition, multicultural education refers to any form of education that unites the histories, texts, principles, and perspectives of people from different cultural backgrounds. At the same time being respectful of…

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