America 's Criminal Justice System Essay

1026 Words Mar 18th, 2016 null Page
Many people know that people of color, especially African Americans, were treated quite unfairly around the 1930s - many don’t know, however, that the same horrendous treatment is still present today. In the 1930s, most people held prejudices against those of other races, and those prejudices became known through the decisions of the legal system. Now, it has been 90 years, and society has yet to make the necessary improvements to counteract the influences of such prejudices on the legal system. True, there have been many changes in the American Legal system over the past years, however, it has not changed drastically enough so as to provide justice to everyone.

One of the main reasons that leads the public to believe that America’s criminal justice system has failed is that there have been many, many cases of racial profiling - in many instances, a white officer killed an African American teen for no legitimate reason, and were (illogically) exonerated. One of these such cases was that of Trayvon Martin, a black teen who was shot while walking home from the convenience store. In this case, Trayvon had been walking through the streets of the Twin Lakes Community, when a nearby cop spotted him. The cop, a 28 year-old police officer named George Zimmerman, had heard news of recent break-ins, and decided that the boy seemed suspicious. Zimmerman was sharing his suspicions with a fellow cop over the radio, when Martin began jogging away from the police car, so Zimmerman got up…

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