Alzheimer's Case Study

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It is estimated that about a half a million americans younger than 65 have some form of dementia or alzheimers (alzheimers foundation). Alzheimer 's is “a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions” (alzheimer 's foundation). Many families struggle to find the proper care for their loved ones or are unsure about the symptoms, struggles, phases and timeframes associated with the disease. “On average one to four family members act as caregivers for each loved one with alzheimer 's disease (alzheimers foundation). This means that many families are under stress trying to care for their loved on on their own, which is extremely difficult.
While many families are able to care for their loved ones in the early stages, as the
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It is important to consider the different specialties associated with each facility. Some facilities specialize in memory care, while others provide for the more severe stages. WHen looking into facilities remember to take into account the stage your loved one is in. The stages consist of “Early onset, moderate deterioration, moderate to severe deterioration, severe deterioration” (alzheimers information). Facilities provide care for different people based on their needs. A person may decline faster or slower than another person so it is important to remember that the time frames are not the same for everyone. “Patients will have good days and bad days, they may remember you one day and forget you the next, but be patient and they are more apt to deteriorate slower.” (alzheimer 's care). When your loved ones are going through a stage of deterioration “they may feel more drowsy and may become stressed, they will notice a change and will try and force the memory back, which increases the severity of their disease. If you help them understand and pretend they are the same they are less likely to become stressed” (alzheimer 's

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