Alzheimer 's Disease : Cause, Effect, And Treatment Essay

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Alzheimer 's disease: Cause, Effect, and Treatment Alzheimer 's is a neurodegenerative disorder that affects the neurons in the brain, causing memory loss as well as language, and behavioral disturbances. An Alzheimer 's brain contains Amyloid plaques that form toxic proteins which are called amyloid beta. The amyloid plaques start to spread throughout the brain causing tangles to form in the brain, this also leads to dysfunction and even death in other neurons. The tangles are a form of twisted threads of protein (Phillips, Baktir, Das, Lin, & Salehi, 2015). When comparing a "normal" brain with an Alzheimer 's brain, that Alzheimer 's brain is remarkably smaller in size and contains fluid-filled spaces. As the progression of Alzheimer becomes more and more severe the disease causes impairment in language, vision, mobility, understanding the task, long and short term memory (Schiffczyk, Romero, Jonas, Lahmeyer, Müller, & Riepe, 2013). When treating Alzheimer 's a physical examination as well as a review of medications should be performed any time the physician is altering a medication or adding a medication. Nonpharmacologic approaches should be used first such as music therapy and multisensory stimulation to help with managing depression and behavioral problems that accompany this disease. When the use of pharmacologic therapies have involved the medications that may be used include; Aricept for the treatment all stages and Exelon or Razadyne for the treatment of…

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