Alzheimer 's A Progressive Disease That Destroys Memory And Other Important Mental Functions

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It is estimated that about a half a million americans younger than 65 have some form of dementia or alzheimers (alzheimers foundation). Alzheimer 's is “a progressive disease that destroys memory and other important mental functions” (alzheimer 's foundation). Many families struggle to find the proper care for their loved ones or are unsure about the symptoms, struggles, phases and timeframes associated with the disease. “On average one to four family members act as caregivers for each loved one with alzheimer 's disease (alzheimers foundation). This means that many families are under stress trying to care for their loved on on their own, which is extremely difficult.
While many families are able to care for their loved ones in the early stages, as the disease progresses it becomes more and more difficult to provide care. When loved ones reach the severe stages many families are forced to provide extra care from either adn nursing home or a hired full time caregiver. This becomes extremely expensive for the families. “The cost for caring for alzheimer 's patients in the us is estimated to be $236 billion in 2016” (alzheimer 's association). The average cost for providing care for someone with alzheimer 's is nearly $60,000 a year (how to cut 4). For many families Medicare and healthcare don’t provide the resources needed to care for their loved one. Many families sit in debut trying to cover the outrageous costs for care out of pocket. Families are told to look into their…

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