Allusion In The Book Night By Elie Wiesel

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The Jews believed that god would never put them in that type of situation, because they worshipped and love god. They could never believe something that drastic could happen to the people they loved.
The narrator mentions the Exile of Providence and the destruction of the Temple at the beginning of his account. These allude to the expulsion of the Jews from their homeland of Judah in the sixth century B.C. Explain how this allusion foreshadows events in this section. In the beginning of the novel, Eliezer was just like any kid who thought they knew everything and his father is kind of distance, and does not seemed worried about all the signs leading to them getting sent to a camp. By the middle of the novel they become closer and the father tries to teach Elie emotionally and psychologically. Once is his father’s health is in trouble he starts to take care of him and make all the big decisions.
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The deportation changed him dramatically, and changed his aspect on everything.
The title “night” has a great significance to the book and the meaning, the Title refers to the unexpected and what is yet to come. For example , “ I will never forget about that night.. which turned my life into one long night.” Meaning the night symbolized things he did know would come. Everyday had something new and something

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