All The Light We Can Not See By Anthony Doerr Essay

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During stressful times and situations in life, many people have often found comfort in familiar things and routines. The comforts that people had during troublesome times is what kept them from not completely losing the person they were before the harsh experience. In All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, several characters sought comfort in things or situations familiar to them during their stressful experiences during World War II. Many times that distraction was a memory, a tangible object, a place, or a way of thinking. Focusing on something familiar often provided the character with a distraction, which allowed them to calm their minds, focus, and carry on during difficult times. In All the Light We Cannot See, Anthony Doerr proved that in times of crisis, people took comfort in familiar things.
In All the Light We Cannot See, Marie-Laure was a blind French girl who lived in Paris and loved to spend her time reading and studying mollusks. She lived with her father, Daniel Leblanc, the locksmith at the Museum of Natural History, who built her a miniature model of the town so that Marie-Laure could feel it and learn how to maneuver around the town independently. Marie-Laure and her father, who was in possession of a valuable but cursed diamond called the Sea of Flames, had to flee Paris and eventually arrived in Saint-Malo where Marie-Laure’s mentally unstable great-uncle, Etienne Leblanc, and his caretaker Madame Manec lived. After their arrival, Marie-Laure’s…

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