All Quiet On The Western Front Essay

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The loss of innocence is a blatant theme in the novel All Quiet on the Western Front. The group of eighteen year-old boys that introduced at the beginning have no idea of the hardships and brutalities of war that are to come for these young men. Following their exposing to battle and the front, the boys have become men. They are no longer naive and innocent before their deployment. The theme is also shown with the protagonist, Krebs, in the short story “Soldier’s Home.” Krebs is home on leave, and does not have passion for life anymore. This saddening topic is also shown in the poem “Anthem for Doomed Youth.” All three of these works of literature have the same surreal characteristics. In the short story, “Soldier’s Home,” the main character, Krebs, is home from the war. Most would have the assumption that being home from the war would be a rejuvenating and happy time for these soldiers, since they are away from the gruesome and detrimental scenes of war. But for Krebs and almost all soldiers, coming home is not such a joyful time. Krebs finds himself estranged from his former self. He has lost his vigor and passion for life. He often finds himself nauseated with the thoughts of war. His family notices he has lost his ambition for life. Before Krebs left for the war, he was generically a happy young man. His mother tells him that she has noticed that a few men have returned from the war and have already moved on with their lives, and found jobs. They want him to be a…

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