All Of History Through Generations Essay

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Transferring History Through Generations History happens every day and many monumental moments can happen in one lifetime. In a lifetime, the experiences gained can have a huge effect on how the event is remembered. As time goes on and people get older, plenty of information can be lost. With history being taught to all kids from grade school to college it is interesting to reflect on how well the information is learned and retained. Since history is the main way for us to carry on information about past events, it is important to remember it for future generations. When looking at the John F. Kennedy assassination we find that only people above the age of 53 experienced the event first hand. The rest of the world aged 53 and below have only heard about it from different forms of media. Without knowing how much the people below the age of 53 have learned, it is worrying to know how much information will be lost in translation. When looking at the large time gap from people who experienced the event, it brings up a very important question. Do people who experience the event know more about it than the following generations? With two generations following those who have experienced the Kennedy assassination first hand, it is a wonder how well the younger generations know about its effect on the era and the people alive in the time. This also brings up the worry that the information that the younger generations do not know will no longer have an effect on the world nor be…

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