Depression In The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

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A copious amount of people go through changes throughout every period of their lives. Some of those changes may be considered positive changes, while others are for the worst. In the novella, The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, all of the characters go through difficult changes in their life. They may not exactly happen in real life since the main character Gregor Samsa wakes up one day and finds he has been turned into a bug. However, the story still helps symbolize that with an unloving family or friends it alienates the people and causes them to feel depressed. Countless people go through depression, despite them not turning into a bug, they are still able to relate.
In the beginning of the book, Gregor is more commonly known as the one who
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The only time he would have encounters with his family would be with Grete when she would clean his room and even that became too quick for him to enjoy her presence. Although later on, he got more attention from the charwomen, it was negative attention. She’d only scream at him, on behalf of this it was stated that “Gregor had almost entirely stopped eating.” (Kafka 35). Kafka wanted to state this because after a while of lack of attention people become depressed from no encounters with anyone and therefore end up causing harm to themselves. Whereas it could be avoided if his family would have treated him with respect and visited …show more content…
“The charwomen was always in a hurry, and anything she couldn’t use for the time being she would just chuck in there.” (Kafka 36). Instead of storing their superfluous furniture elsewhere the Samsa’s needed to place them in Gregor’s room considering that they started renting their flat to three gentlemen, and since they placed it all into his room it makes it seem more like he is already gone and that it was never his room in the first place. It appeared that they were trying to drive him out by the clutter instead of directly saying get out because they still had the feeling that he would recover. They would wish Gregor would get annoyed by the clutter and leave himself. Although Gregor had no choice but to adapt to his new disheveled room since he couldn’t move it himself and the charwomen wasn’t going to move it either.
In conclusion, Kafka writes this novella to express the theme which is that once isolated it can harm those that are going through the isolation. Gregor had to go through many things which could have been avoided if his family would have cared for him more properly. Not only this but the theme helps demonstrate the things which Kafka goes through throughout his daily life with struggles in his

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