Alex Tabarrok Is A Canadian American Economist, Co Author Of Economics Blog Marginal Revolution

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Alex Tabarrok is a Canadian-American economist, co-author of economics blog Marginal Revolution. This blog is focused on current events and this site is updated daily, and its blog’s slogan is “ Small steps toward a much better world.” this blog has links and kudos from Wall Street Journal for which one Tabarrok wrote an article named “The Meat Market” to explain the issue of the storage organ donor and convey that there are options that can be taken in order to decrease the waiting list of transplants.
In his article Tabarrok explains how some countries are looking for a solution to fight the storage organ donor. He addresses economic and social aspects of the solution in decreasing the storage organ donor. He mentions how India, Iran, Israel, and Singapore are using different methods to increase or motivate healthy people to donate their organs (most common the kidney). Tabarrok’ thesis is implied allowing the reader to come to his or her own conclusion about the topic. I believe that his thesis was about the financial compensation for living, deceased donor, and consent programs would increase the supply of transplant organs.
I do not believe that the author tries to change people’s perspective, I believe that the author tries to convey that other countries where they have a long wait list for transplant should adopt India, Israel, Iran, and Singapore actions to decrease the black market in transplants.
Tabarrok gives a background about how the storage is leading some…

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