Essay on Alex Johnson : A Young Male Who Comes From A Working Class

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Alex Johnson is a young male who comes from a working-class family. Both of his parents work all day and night just to make ends meet, and they don’t have much time after work to pay attention to Alex or his academics. Alex also has a part-time job as a fry cook at a fast food chain in order to help his family out financially, and he must also care for his three younger siblings while his parents are at work. Due to these family responsibilities, Alex misses class more often than most of his peers. Although he tries to attend class whenever possibly and tries his best to keep up with his studies, he is unable to achieve good academic grades. His family cannot afford the simple necessities for Alex to have in school, like textbooks and other supplies. Alex also misses out on some scholarly opportunities because of his family’s class-status, like attending a top-notch high school or hiring tutors to help him. Due to his financial circumstances, Alex falls behind in his schoolwork compared to many of his classmates. In addition, Alex doesn’t typically have time to do all of his homework because of his job that he needs to help support his family. He begins failing most of his exams and almost never completes his homework on time. These factors, which are a result of his family being in the working class, ultimately cause him to be behind in his schoolwork compared to his classmates and fail his classes. A few months down the road, Alex’s father gets laid off from his job as…

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