Aldous Huxley 's Brave New World Essay

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A dystopia is a society in which feelings such as misery and oppression are common. A dystopia is an undesirable world that society has created. The novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is a dystopia. In Huxley’s world people are identical and made from hatched embryos. People may seem to be happy but the happiness in this world is artificial. Another example of dystopian societies are The Purge Anarchy, and The Purge Election Year by James DeMonaco. These are examples of dystopian societies because improving society is done by mass violence and putting the fear of death in everyone 's minds. No one wants to live in fear. Obviously these dystopias are different, but they’re different for similar reasons. Huxley is centered around sex. Demonaco is centered around violence. Both sex and violence are Freudian instincts. Humans are physical beings with physical desires. Huxley and DeMonaco are both trying to shape their societies around their instinctive urges by letting citizens freely engage themselves in these actions.
In Brave New World, the ideal of sexual reproduction is not necessarily the case. In this world embryos in a hatchery are separated into groups for a predetermined fate. The groups are; Epsilons, Deltas, Gammas, Betas, and Alphas. The Epsilons are the bottom of the society. The Alphas, also known as controllers are the top one percent. They are typically scientists and other highly intelligent positions. All of the other classes contribute to society as…

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