Alcohol Is The World 's Fifth Leading Risk Factor For Disease Concerns

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Alcohol is the world’s fifth leading risk factor for disease concerns(WHO, 2015) and it remains the critical social and public health problems around the world(Ray, McGeary, Marshall, & Hutchison, 2006). There are many studies identifying the different factors to the use of alcohol(Best, Manning, Gossop, Gross, & Strang, 2006). Some epidemiological public health studies concern with socioeconomic factors, patterns of drinking and its impacts(Bellos et al., 2013; Carle, 2009; Chowdhury, Ramakrishna, Chakraborty, & Weiss, 2006) whereas some anthropological studies in line with the World Health Organization (WHO) determine the socio-cultural and ethnographical factors to control alcohol and substance abuse (Heath D.B, 1987; Hunt & Barker, 2001; WHO, 2005). It is worth noting that almost every event in our daily lives is marked with some sorts of the festive rituals which, in most cultures, involve alcohol(SIRC, 1998). Why is alcohol an essential element of these rituals in different cultures in the world? Gusfield, J R (1981) explains that it lies in the natural affinity between alcohol and the festive rituals in which alcohol is an integral element of rites of passage because of the drinking symbolic, psychological and social functions of alcohol(Gusfield, 1981). The symbolic functions refer to the functions that define the nature of the festive rituals, a more active sense, and constructive social relationships between drinkers(Duglas, 1987). Certain types of drinks have…

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