Aggression And Its Effect On Society Essay example

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Since the start of the human race, there has always hints of aggression passing on to the next generation. Aggression is the “behavior that causes physical or emotional harm to others, or threatens to” (Gabbey, 2013). This has caused many wars and it is still being a huge problem of our attempt to making life on earth, a better place. But aggression is not always have to be a huge confrontation, but it could also be when a parent beating their child. This is also a type of aggression that many may see as a discipline but others see it as an aggressive abuse. Aggression is a behavior that should always be under checked at all times due to its aggressiveness, history, and its unpredictable affect on the person.
There are behavior that are wonderful like being cheerful, but aggression is the complete opposite because of the negative effects it has on the person and everybody around them. Being cheerful will give out a happy sensation but aggression will most likely end with somebody ending up in a fight. While being in an aggressive state the person could have many symptoms like being loud, swearing, and developing muscle tension. Aggression could be triggered by a disagreement and being uncompromising. If somebody was being aggressive, this could result in multiple people around them become aggressive too. Behaviors can be contagious and aggression is the worst that could be passed on to another. It is not an ideal behavior because this could also lead to riots and…

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