Essay about Agent Orange And The Vietnam War

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Agent Orange was a chemical used during the Vietnam War. It was awesome in its destructive capacity and terrifying in its legacy. Read on to find out why its name is synonymous with the very worst in warfare.
!!!Background to Agent Orange and the Vietnam War

Throughout the 1960s, America was battling the Communist North Vietnamese in the Vietnam War. American military intelligence sought advantages against its adversary. Advisors to then- __President Kennedy__ suggested the use of herbicidal warfare.

From 1962- 1971, Operation Ranch Hand was the mission to defoliate the region. Many different herbicides were used. One of the most toxic was __Agent Orange.__ A chemical mixture of two herbicides, it contained a dangerous dioxin for maximum biological damage. The chemical agent got its name from being shipped out in a chemical drum with orange stripes on its side. The use of and exposure to Agent Orange represents a distinct horror of the Vietnam War.

!!!Use of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War

There were three primary uses of Agent Orange in the Vietnam War: defoliation, targeting the enemy 's food source, and urbanization.


American military personnel struggled against heavy forestation in Vietnam. This enabled the Viet Cong army of North Vietnam to enjoy a supreme advantage. In defoliating the jungle, the belief was that Americans could remove cover to the Viet Cong.

The spraying of Agent Orange was through airplanes and helicopters. The…

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